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Our Mission

To maintain a safe learning and educational environment for all students by addressing bullying issues in public school settings. This is done by implementing state and federal laws and legislation through policy and guidelines on bullying and abuse. However we must focus to on the importance of student academia preparation. Therefore we integrate within our program the following ideology:

1) Advance the art and science of teaching, learning, and educational leadership with and about technology through research, development, professional learning offerings, and other capacity-enhancing activities.

2) Provide leadership in envisioning emerging technologies and their implications for teaching, learning, and educational leadership.

3) Facilitate the dissemination and sharing of thought leadership, expertise, research findings, and promising and effective practices to enhance learning through technology across the curriculum.

4) Identify, recognize, and publicize innovation with technology that fosters highly effective teaching, learning, and educational leadership.

5) Leverage expert resources and established networks to foster engaging, rigorous, and relevant education for success through the effective use of technology throughout the K-12 adopted District Curriculum.


To encourage the necessary involvement of parents in monitoring their child’s discipline and behavior as it relates to Bullying, to make people aware of the legal consequences of Bullying and to implement programs and instruments to raise the awareness and seriousness of violations to an individual’s “Civil” and “Constitutional Rights”.

With any new program the first question asked by administrators and necessary and proper parties to legislation is why should I avail myself to this program and what is the motivation or incentive for me to implement or buy into this program? Please consider the following as it applies to the stakeholders in this matter.

The building administrator is responsible for everything and all incidents that happen in or around his campus. Whether he knew, the law states that he should have known. He must have the appropriate safeguards in place to secure the safety of all students, parents, community members, faculty, staff, business and other invitees. Therefore the administrator wants and needs a comprehensive organization such as NAAB that will promote a bullying free environment. Concurrent with this concern, because most jurisdictions are compulsory attendance states, children are mandated to be in school. Therefore there is a higher standard of care owed to this protected class of individuals being bullied.

Teachers, at the time they know that a situation placed one of their students at risk or any student who reports a specific occurrence or event at risk, teachers have a reasonable amount of time to report the incident to the appropriate administrator or agency. If this constitutes a major offense including but not limited to Bullying, hate crimes, gender based or national origin, the teacher who has firsthand knowledge of the concern must report the incident immediately. Concurrently the teaching professional’s responsibility is not discharged by only reporting to their administrator, building or grade level principal, but to the appropriate agencies depending on the situation.

The parent, who is responsible for the tortuous conduct of their children, allowing their child to participate or become involved in delinquent conduct, must remain vigilant in their supervision to assure their children do not participate in the prohibited type conduct. Concurrently, a parent who knows or should have known that their child was subjected to a prohibited conduct and failed to act may be construed to have negligently or recklessly allowed their child to be abused and may constitute a judicial issue.

Students, who participate in prohibitive conduct or deviant behavior, are susceptible or liable for their conduct. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Children who are the victims to such prohibited behavior have a right to quietly enjoy the benefits of a free and appropriate education without impediments to this process. The process again is enhanced in those states where attendance is compulsory. But for the fact the state mandated the children be in school, they might not have been bullied. Concurrently, because they are mandated to be in school by law, there is a higher standard of care for the aforementioned students.

Community and business stakeholders, because their tax dollars are used to finance education and programs, have a moral, civic and constitutional duty to assure their funds and taxes are used appropriately and within the guidelines and framework mandated by state and federal laws. Where there is a program that addresses all of the aforementioned responsibilities and concerns and sets out the appropriate protocol and procedures to address the responsibilities for all the stakeholders mentioned. The process then addresses fidelity of state and federal laws. Using the practice of Restorative Justice, measureable goals, assessment of processes and certification of standards and procedures along with the certificate of accreditation of our program becomes a win- win –win situation for everyone.

1) The Federal and State legislation and statures are complied with;

2) The school districts and school administrators are better informed; and

3) The parents and children involved are an intricate part of the program.

It then is our fiduciary duty to provide this program for all schools across America and ask for the support of teachers, administrators, and lawmakers everywhere in the United States.