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National Association
Against Bullying Abuse (NAABA)

Implementation procedure

The Purpose, Method, Measure and Programs which includes evaluation, certification and accreditation.Our Objective is to encourage the necessary involvement of parents in monitoring their child’s discipline and behavior as it relates to Bullying and to make people aware of the legal consequences of bullying.

The Overview of The National Association against Bullying (NAAB) will address Bullying issues and implement laws and legislation through policy and guidelines on bullying and abuse. The Implementation of Programs and Instruments is to raise the awareness and seriousness of violations to an individual’s “Civil” and “Constitutional Rights.”

In the process, once a person has joined the “Buddy the Bull” Club, he will have the privileges uncommon to non-members. When an institution or other organizations join NAAB, there will be training sessions provided by the associate organization of NAAB,namely the “National Accreditation Association on Bullying and Abuse (NAABA). Once a school, a district or outside organization embeds itself within us, we will produce and provide a national program curriculum to be followed by all. We will have several departments which while working together, will produce positive preventive results against Bullying.

We will cover all age groups from Kindergarten through the 12th Grade for the purpose of keeping the programs objective constantly on the minds of those involved over time. By doing this, kids will be educated on the need not to Bully others as they mature through the years of schooling. We will integrate our curriculum such that it strengthens the students ability in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)uniquely enhancing the regular curriculum in these key areas.

We will start with information and physical reminder items at each grade level throughout the school level spectrum while collecting data beginning at the third (3rd) grade level.

  • The kids from Kindergarten through 3rd grade will be educated against Bullying initially through story coloring books, puzzles, worksheets and games.
  • Kids in grades “4th – 6th grade” will have more advanced books to read.
  • Kids in grades “7th – 12th grade” will be approached in a different manner. These students will be provided and will employ methods of learning the seriousness and the consequences for “bullying others” throughout the entire spectrum of our program.
  • We will set up in each homeroom per school a trained peer mediator whose job will be to casually consult/talk/conference with any Bully or victim within his or her homeroom class. This person will be elected by his/her peers and have a term in office of one semester at a time with no more than two terms (2 semesters) in office. Parents will be notified of each incident through our program. This is the first line of contact on the first incidental offense.
  • A second offense of a bully will require teacher intervention when reported by the mediator.
  • A third offense of a bully will require counseling (this may be done in a single or group setting with all bullies present). Parents notified. The practice of restorative Justice will be introduced at this point..
  • A fourth offense will require a parent/Administration conference with child and possible suspension of 3 days. Prior to the return of the suspended student, a Restorative Conference will take place with the administrator or counselor being the facilitator on the day before the student returns. Restorative conferencing (RC) also involves a wider circle of participants. Restorative conferences, which have also been called restorative justice conferences, family group conferences and community accountability conferences, originated as a response to juvenile crime. An RC is a voluntary, structured meeting between offenders, victims and both parties' family and friends, in which they address consequences and restitution. RC is explicitly victim-sensitive.
  • The fifth incident could cause a parent to possibly be Pre-fined and/or pre-sued through their home owner policy. (All fines and lawsuits will be released if parents agree to professional counseling for the child and themselves). Possible scenarios. (Examine Section 8, WIC, Medicare type program suspensions for those without homeowner’s policies. Examine fines levies to apply to those that are renters and are paying their way.)
  • The sixth incident may result in the expulsion of the child from the school district altogether. Although that child has repeated bullying another human, the parent may go before the Board, accompanied by their child, to appeal the expulsion.

National Accreditation Association on Bullying and Abuse (NAABA) will be the accreditation arm of NAAB.

Schools will be provided all the necessary materials and a program format to implement a successful outcome. Each department will be critical to the ongoing success and implementation of itself and all the parts will create the whole. We will hold ourselves accountable for the outcome of our program and deliver strong continuity across America.

  • Product Department – will be responsible for developing authors for the Books, T-shirts, Brochures, DVD (power point presentation) Membership Cards, Certification and Accreditation Certificates, training products and more.
  • Legal Department – Will be responsible for the collection of all the States Bullying laws and will create new policy integrating national legislation such that it will improve the ability of these laws to be implemented. It will provide consultation for members across America. It will be responsible for providing information on Pre lawsuits and the engagement of persons being pre-fined per guidelines.(Justice of the Peace involvement may be needed) It will consult and lobby on our behalf.
  • Counseling Department - will be responsible for developing a creative and innovative counseling approach. Non-traditional counseling will be provided for per each particular situation. Restorative justice practices will be utilized. This Department will also arrange the release of any pre-fine or Pre-suit once parents have met the responsible counseling requirements.
  • Policy and Guidelines - this department will continue to adopt necessary policy and work with the legal and counseling department to create and implement the policy and guidelines being developed. This Department will work throughout the entire spectrum of the organization to assist all other Department heads.
  • Assessment and Evaluation - this Department will be responsible for creating the instruments, forms, and method needed to measure the success of the programs. It has the authority to approve or deny institutions or organizations for accreditation.