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NAAB Departments Information

National Accreditation Association on Bullying and Abuse (NAABA) will be the accreditation arm of NAAB.

Schools will be provided all the necessary materials and a program format to implement a successful outcome. Each department will be critical to the ongoing success and implementation of itself and all the parts will create the whole. We will hold ourselves accountable for the outcome of our program and deliver strong continuity across America.


Product Department – will be responsible for developing authors for the Books, T-shirts, Brochures, DVD (power point presentation) Membership Cards, Certification and Accreditation Certificates, training products and more.

Legal Department – Will be responsible for the collection of all the States Bullying laws and will create new policy integrating national legislation such that it will improve the ability of these laws to be implemented. It will provide consultation for members across America. It will be responsible for providing information on Pre lawsuits and the engagement of persons being pre-fined per guidelines.(Justice of the Peace involvement may be needed) It will consult and lobby on our behalf.

Counseling Department - will be responsible for developing a creative and innovative counseling approach. Non-traditional counseling will be provided for per each particular situation. Restorative justice practices will be utilized. This Department will also arrange the release of any pre-fine or Pre-suit once parents have met the responsible counseling requirements.

Policy and Guidelines - this department will continue to adopt necessary policy and work with the legal and counseling department to create and implement the policy and guidelines being developed. This Department will work throughout the entire spectrum of the organization to assist all other Department heads.

Assessment and Evaluation - this Department will be responsible for creating the instruments, forms, and method needed to measure the success of the programs. It has the authority to approve or deny institutions or organizations for accreditation.

Other departments

Research /Health and Human Services     |     Marketing and Drama     |    Finance and Insurance