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Students Trophies and Rewards

Since the bullying incidents will be tracked at all schools around the nation, the school with the least amount of incidents will be rewarded. Here is how it will work.

Let's take the Senior High schools for instance. If that school has the least amount of incidents during the fall semester, its' Seniors will be rewarded a trip to the NFL super bowl game or NCAA BCS Championship Bowl game for that fall semester win. The second semester (spring) will carry the reward of attending a NBA finals Game or Major league Baseball game in May of same year. One school can win both rewards. The Anti Bullying Trophy will remain at that school until the next fall contestant wins.

The Middle school whose Senior class is the eight (8th) grade will be give the choice of selecting a musical icon to provide a concert at their school campus. (I.e. Lady Gaga, Justin Berber, ECT…) The selection will be made by that senior class at that school.

The Elementary school who wins, which has the fifth (5th) grade as its' senior class will be given a trip to a theme park.

We hope these incentives will cause our children to understand their responsibility in helping to eliminate bullying nationwide and to know that the teachers, administrators and community stand proudly with them when they are respectful of the rights of others and themselves.

Just join the "Buddy the Bull" club and sign the contract. Select your "Buddy the Bull" free t-shirt, pay the shipping and handling charges and it's on the way to your address. By your school implementing our program, you can become a member of the National Association against Bullying (NAAB) organization and create history along the way. We look forward to having you join us in saving lives!