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Building Universal
Distinguished Dignified Youth

We the members of the buddy the bull club agree to join together to eliminate bullying in any format from our school we will compete with other schools across America, to become the first school to have the least bullying during our school year. Being the first will make us the national model and afford its’ members rewards that rival all other school clubs and organizations. For example:: The winning school members will go to the super bowl after the first semester and an NBA final game after the second semester ends.

We agree that the United States Constitution affords everybody the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race or religion. We agree to honor and respect the human and civil rights of all persons We know that bullying can hurt people and agree not to participate in acts of pushing, hitting, spitting, name calling, making fun of, harassing, or being irresponsible for our actions after causing stress and pain to others.

We agree to

  • Value peer differences and treat others with respect
  • Not be involved in bullying in any format
  • Know the school’s state and national guidelines concerning bullying
  • Report honestly and immediately all bullying incidents.
  • Be aware of incidents around the school
  • Support those who have been the victim of bullying
  • Talk to teachers, parents and administrators about concerns and issues regarding bullying
  • Work with other students and faculty to help implement programs to prevent bullying
  • Become a good role model for younger students and support them if bullying occurs.
  • Advocate against bullying and participate in assemblies or training that will help eliminate b
  • Utilize the national association against bullying (NAAB) hotline to report bullying infractions and to get national support at my school contact us
  • Assist my school in becoming accredited through the National accreditation association on bullying & abuse. (naaoba)